Updates for June 2001

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Woah! Sorry for the delayed update, been a little busy! *L*
Just a new website of the week today, but I have a bunch of landmarks to report: Dawson's Creek Character Page @ 20000, Dawson's Creek @ 13000, Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 70000, 71000, and 72000, Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 86000, Eddie Mills Picture Gallery @ 8000, Push Cast Picture Gallery @ 2000, Push Multimedia Gallery (main) @ 23000, Push A LIttle Harder @ 17000, Flying Into The Millennium @ 7000, Backstreet Boys' Lyrics (Main) @ 5000, and Backstreet Boys' Unreleased songs lyrics @ 2000!!!!!!


Just put up a MIDI on Already Know My Name... That's it! Sorry! *L* :)


Today I set up the discography/lyrics page on the soulDecision site (Already Know My Name), which led to updates on the fonts and site map pages!


Put a counter up on the sD lyrics page... I will have the rest of the lyrics up sometime in the next month or so! :)


Put up a new website of the week and updated the credits page! :)


Put up a new website of the week, put up more lyrics on the sD site, and updated the sD news! :)


Just some more soulDecision lyrics today! :)


New website of the week today... More updates soon! :) Page Landmark: Fonts page @ 3000


Lots of updates today! :) I put up the July updates page, which of course led to updates on Site Map and Fonts. I also put up another useless fact and another quote. I updated the FAQ and Futurama pages. Finally I put up 5 more lyrics on Already Know My Name (soulDecision), and updated the news! :)


Fixed some stuff on the main page and on Push A Little Harder. Also updated Push A Little Harder, Already Know My Name, and the credits page, and fixed a soulDecision lyric!


Put up a new Eddie Mills picture on Push A Little Harder. Put up a new quote and useless fact. FInally, gave the Friends page a much-needed update! :)


New website of the week! :)


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